Current Projects

by Arduke

Over a year has passed since my last post. I read it again and it looked so bad that I almost just deleted it and started all over. My current projects are as follows.

  • Side Project: Creative Writing
  • Current Game: My Time in Portia
  • Current Anticipation: Cyberpunk 2020

There are not many good Sci-Fi games out there. Some tend to drop the ball and totally make a mess of the release build or just are cookie cutter games with new skins. Elite Dangerous is a good one but you are permanently attached to the pilot’s chair and that limits the game’s entertainment value. Star Citizen will be a great game once it releases. I had hoped it would be in my lifetime, but I guess the next generation can enjoy it. No Man’s Sky is a good game after a couple of years of updates but the art style is a bit lacking for the bit of realism I want.

Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be released this year it is not a space exploration game. It does delve into technology that is about the human body and the dystopia an overpopulated city may turn into. Star Citizen may love the ideas and pull them into the game further making its release date further off.

I love games where you progressively build stuff and eventually can automate it. Minecraft with mods can really accomplish this and I loved doing that. Factorio and Satisfactory are perfect examples of being able to do this. However, Factorio really ramps up the difficulty curve when you get to a certain point instead of gradually easing you up. My Time in Portia is an easygoing game that I hope will make it simple to progress. It also contains a storyline that is a bit more complex than Factorio and Satisfactory.

I am trying to write a book with creative writing skills. I was at first correcting punctuation as soon as possible with MS Word. The problem with MS Word is it becomes an eyestrain quickly. I now use a markup editor that can export to ePub or docx formats as needed. The Ulysses App is great and comes with a text checker that uploads your text and returns many grammatical issues that you might miss. The problem is you are uploading it to someone else server even if they promise it will be deleted. MS Word can do some of that locally. It still does external calls for other things and I might look at LibreOffice to see if it can help without external connections.

My creative writing is a bit of a go with the flow style of writing. I did not write a fleshed out plot-line. This is why I probably never publish what I am currently writing. I may in the future modify the story to have a proper climax and ending at several points. Right now I am just world building it with my imagination by imagining being the protagonist. This is almost as good as playing video games for me as it means I can escape into the world and follow my imagination instead of being constrained by a game’s rules.

Written on September 22, 2020